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Mike Ness lyrics

If You Leave Before Me lyrics
If you leave this world before me
I promise to you I shall keep
I won't fall in love with another one
Over your ashes I shall weep
If you leave before me
A promise I never will tell
About all the things we talked about
Our dark secrets I'll keep well
Aren't you glad, there ain't nobody listening?
Aren't you glad, that no one seems to care what we do?
Aren't you glad there ain't no one here to tell us what's right or wrong?
While we sit and we talk about nothing
What if there's no God in Heaven?
What if there's no God at all?
I promise these last years of loving you
Will be the best years of them all
This don't look like Heaven
I'm surrounded by fiery walls
For if I were to live here without you
That'd be the greatest sin of them all
Repeat Chorus

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