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Miss Liberty Soundtrack lyrics
Let's Take An Old-Fashioned Walk lyrics

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Miss Liberty Soundtrack lyrics

Let's Take An Old-Fashioned Walk lyrics
Some couples go for a buggy ride
When they start caring a lot
Others will bicycle side by side
Out to some romantic spot
But when you haven't a sou
There's only one thing to do

Let's take an old-fashioned walk
I'm just bursting with talk
What a tale could be told
If we went for an old-fashioned walk

Let's take a stroll through the park
Down a lane where it's dark
And heart that's controlled
May relax on an old-fashioned walk

I know for a couple who seem to be miles apart
There's nothing like walking and having a "heart to heart"

I know a girl who declined
Couldn't make up her mind
She was wrapped up and sold
Coming home from an old-fashioned walk

I used to dream of a millionaire
Handsome and rich from the States
Taking me out for a breath of air
Saying "The carriage awaits"
But since you haven't a sou
And I have nothing to do

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