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Neplusultra lyrics
Above The Falling Sky
Beyond The Mystic Haze
Across The World So Wild
In Bluish Fever
I Wait For The Sky To Fall
I Wait For The Haze To
I Wait For The Wild To Call
My Wait Is Here
Fear - The Killer
Hate - The Enemy
Love - The Power
The Limit
Outside The Edge Of Sight
Beneath The Shifting
Behind A Trick Of Light
I Glimpse Forever
I Pray For The Sight To See
I Pray For The Earth To
I Pray For The Light To Be
I Pray My Saviour
Under The Aegis Of The
Living God
(We) I Trust And Love With
Under The Aegis Of A Lov-
Ing God
(We) I Live And Breathe
Love The Killer
Love The Enemy
God The Power
The Limit

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