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My Fair Lady Soundtrack lyrics
Ascot Gavotte lyrics

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My Fair Lady Soundtrack lyrics

Ascot Gavotte lyrics
Ladies and Gentlemen
Ev'ry duke and earl and peer is here
Ev'ryone who should be here is here.
What a smashing, positively dashing
Spectacle: the Ascot op'ning day.
At the gate are all the horses
Waiting for the cue to fly away.
What a gripping, absolutely ripping
Moment at the Ascot op'ning day.
Pulses rushing! Faces flushing!
Heartbeats speed up! I have never been so keyed up!
And second now They'll begin to run. Hark!
A bell is ringing, They are springing Forward Look!
It has begun...! What a frenzied moment that was!
Didn't they maintain an exhausting pace?
'Twas a thrilling, absolutely chilling Running of the
Ascot op'ning race.

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