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My So-called Life Soundtrack lyrics
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My So-called Life Soundtrack lyrics

Try lyrics
Another sleepless night, turn off my light
turn it off
Open my books, take in silence,
and wait for the dawn
Lock myself into place
Keep the sun off my face
When the morning comes
TRY to keep it all in sight

Form one thought, break it off, take a breath,
carry on
You think you matter so much
that you're the only one
In your mind you're a star
that I can see from afar
Before you've even begun
to TRY to keep it all in sight
If you feel it then open your heart
No need to ask it what for
Blood runs cold when it's shut from the sun
So open your door and what's more, TRY

Worked for years on their temples
to burn them all down
An angry horde disbelievin' set fire sacred ground
In its place they built tanks
Think, fish, and drunk tanks
And just to tear the sky down
They tried to conquer all in sight
Walled their cities as hight as they could
Kept them apart from themselves
Fought for ages and raged on the plains
with reasons misunderstood
but to the common good
Raised up their idols proteced their own walked on dinosaur bones
Spread a pestilent nature from mountain to sky
Until the rivers ran dry
and the rivers ran dry
that they owned

Watch the lights flash by my window
Throw ghosts on the wall
And every room in my house
answers back when I call
Trace the outline within
Trust in dreams to begin
TRY to keep it all in sight
And TRY to work it all out
TRY if you will, TRY if they won't
You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't

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