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Natalie Cole lyrics

Be Thankful lyrics
(By C. Jackson & M. Yancy)
You may be in a big city or drivin down a country lane, yeah
Workin two jobs to make a livin
And all you do is complain, well
You should be thankful of what you got
Yes, you should be thankful of all you got
Wakin up in the mornin seein the sun rise (well, well)
Is enough to say I thank you, Lord
Rollin over seein my baby's eyes, uh
Is enough to say I thank you, Lord
I just wanna say thank you (thank you)
Thank you (thank you) thank you, thank you, Lord
(Thank you) thank you (thank you) thank you
(Thank you) thank you, Lord---
Be thankful of what you got (you know you should)
Be thankful of all you got
You may live in the valley, you may live on the highest hill
Some people say you don't do nothin but take the doctor's pills
You may be in a nursery, in a classroom
Drivin your big fine car, hup!
Airplanes, uh, take you uh far
Layin out in the sun, uh
Or just workin on the run
HOo, you should be thankful
Of what you got, I know you should
Be thankful, oh, yeah, of all you got
(Well, well) yeah----, ooh, oh
(Be thankful) we need to be thankful
(Of what you got) of everything we got
(Be thankful) we need to be more thankful
(Of all you got) of everything you got
(Be thankful) Thank you, thank you, thank you
(Of all you got) Thank you for all I got
(Be thankful) Thank you....

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