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Outlandish lyrics

El Moro lyrics
Out to change the game - el Moro
Withstand the pain - el Moro
Knock them out' the frame - el Moro
If ya don't settle for less - el Moro
Always God bless - el Moro
Take out the best - el Moro
We are Moro's - Outland Moro's
Rapverse1 (Majid)
Face the fear
'Cause you will never make it here
I'm making it clear
You better disappear
Something rotten in Denmark like in Shakespeare
I suggest you hold tight to the ones you hold dear
Damn I'm getting tired of these motherfucking snakes
Who's really jealous who's the ones that hates
Claiming the got backs but they never share their cake
Talking 'bout sharing but all they do is take
The ultimate the illest shit popping you any tournament
Take your rap and furnish it
Majid the name you heard of it
Calm your asses down the general screams at ease
You practice no justice I convert no peace
Rapverse2 (Isam)
Once 3 kings
Biggie, Pac and young Hov
9 out of 10 would put it 2 down and one to go
Hearts full of hatred when it comes to this rap
Got a classic? (Oh oh) ya best be strapped
Everyday the game is growing mo' money mo' problems
Mo' concern on pushing big units mo' violent
Hip hops changed, ain't a black thing anymore G
Young kids in Baghdad showing 2 on 3
Holla West coast?! Naah West bank for life
Upside down, holla for my moros aight
Spit rhymes in Arabic on the same level like Jada
You wouldn't know if you should head bang or belly dance playa
I'm that sand nigga type of Johnny Cochran yaw dig
World wide like H.C. Andersen, I won't quit
Don't depend on the rap game, I depend on my brain
Ya stereotype me; I knock you out like prince Naseem

Rapverse3 (Lenny)
Ya lo sabes......
Están fuera de quicio
Ambicionando nuestro escaño
Inalcanzable pretensión
Es, pan o muerte en esta selva soy tacaño
Somos los Quijotes
Fríos cuando esto es necesario
Luz en lo oscuro que dicen que es mi barrio
Hemos inculcado sabor en concreto
Pintando mi sangre y mi suburbio por supuesto
Vieja foto de lo existente
Y si ha estado en la portada se me ha ido de la mente
Soy bohemia de las letras
Contemporáneo y sincero
Y dentro de mi casa soy todo un pionero
Así que todos de aquí al horizonte
Alcen la M por El Moro
Anche no capisci niente
Rapverse4 (Waqas)
I stay on target like a stinger
You call me Jinnah
Never lost focus still I came out a sinner
I'm not here to change the world just clean my house
And scoop up my mom in a coup 'cause she needs a new couch
Its outlandmoro you can't run or hide
'Cause we come across like the truth I tell you no lie
At first underrated these kids won't last
In no time they will be over as quick as a finger snap
We beat the critics now look who run rap
It feels good even your sister be faking my autograph
At shows hugs and kisses
Afterwards you diss us
You can't give us scars that we can't heal with stiches.

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