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Outsidaz lyrics

Rehab lyrics
[Pace Won]
Who that smoked-out kid that do more drugs than a rock star?
Not far from bein' in the back seat of a cop car
Top dog that falls the fuck off, now he fiendin'
The need for drugs got his ass stealin'
He asks you for pocket change and cigarettes every time you see him
White shit around his lips; he got open sores, bleedin'
Kid blast more fast than Pete Rock could flip a remix
Hope he don't OD like River Phoenix
Hope his ass gets himself together and his people live to see it
All his felonies become misdemeanors
He shootin' up hot heroin, one dub, intravenous
Robbin' niggas cleaner than the cleaners

[Chorus - Pace Won]
Yo, some people fiend for it, spend some cream on it
They slip and get addicted, drop a G on it
Next thing, they trip and they think their house haunted
Niggas never should've got what they wanted

[Hook - Pace Won]
Yo, if you crack the fuck out you need rehab
Dope the fuck up you need rehab, rehabilitation
It's drug therapy for a patient
Kickin' cold turkey got them kooky niggas shakin'

Az-Izz, ex-Mad Math wiz
Now I'm addicted to pills, hash, and acid
For denouncin' Jevohah, first time I got high, it was over
Got drunker than Grady off JD and Coca-Cola
I broke bread with dopehead (??) that broke legs for mopeds
Plus Axe fatter than the ass on Jennifer Lopez
Sniff lines with cokeheads and bring the Rawkus like Mos Def

Remember this; bad habits only get worser
When your lungs insert lye, they just tryin' to reach the first high
I used to smoke, drink mad brew straight
Still be sober, so I had to graduate
Nawshis; I'm addicted to gettin' lifted
Didn't know not to, havin' rap a role model
Until I heard Redman hit the rope
I heard Mobb Deep sniffed coke
Yo, Yo!



I'm the rehab specialist
Checkin' shit from testosterone to female estrogen
Stethoscope, check your pulse, detox shock treatment
No eavesdrop, it's top secret
Yo, Dr. Giggle; I jot down notes and start to scribble
I figured out the riddle; ain't shit wrong with you
(??????)I take acid with pain tablets
A strange habit but that shit keeps my brains blasted
Unbalanced chemicals bend the rules; break in lockers
Stealin' tennis shoes; back in the day you should've finished school
Was the man of the playground, now you're waist down
Here's a shot of redemption; go make some cake now

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