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Oxiplegatz lyrics

Aftermath lyrics
On the outskirts of the Rigelworlds, a torn warship falls through the void.
A lone survivor, trapped inside the hull, tumbling slowly through fields
of asteroids. "It´s strange, the way things tend to go. One moment you prosper,
the next you find yourself... waning".
Immortal... immortal?
Bitter the taste of destiny,
what now? Seems like the dark is... calling.
" This morning I didn´t foresee what I know now,
that this day would hold my final moment..."
The vision´s fading, as all is lost into eternal frost.
So fleeting, the warmth of life.
"Yeah, I´m here, the road behind me now.
Bended, but not broken, and shed no tears
though the end is nigh..."
We are made of stardust, creed of celestial life -
that in our hearts, the breath of dying stars,
their embers are in our eyes.
For the final adventure
now that old, rigid corpse is left behind.
The spirit is unbroken - the lust for unseen lands,
the warriorsoul - the traveller in us all.

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