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Before that sacred holy flickering tv-screen
You're served commercials day-time fakes and tv-priests
You keep your VCR running almost constantly
Afraid to miss out on something happening on channel three

You zap from channel one to two look what they have done to you
You live from staged realities and fakes
Channel three then four and five you double check your tv-guide
Re-enacted lives to keep you awake

Life is served
Here every taste will find our satisfaction guarantee
On the never sleeping flickering screen

You keep watching this truly weird masquarade
The flickering screen enchants you your truly all enslaved

Nostalgia sports and comedies, cops cartoons and tragedies
Remote control at hand you sit enslaved
Washing powder and apple pies re-runs soaps and Jesus Christ
Anytime is time to zap the world away

Life is served...

We're your tellyvisions

You zap from channel one to two...

Nostalgia sports and comedies...

Life is served...

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