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Rumble Militia lyrics

Treason lyrics
We're rolling through the cities
With your fighting unit
We're searching for our targets
And killing silently
The knife in the boot
The shotgun in the hand
That's how we cut down the enemy
The wire noose in the jacket
The lead pipe in the pocket
That's how we cut the enemy
Treason, treason, treason
We accepted the assignment
With our racing militia
We searched throughout the country
But what we found was an ambush
And now we're only four
But we're fighting for you all
We're not stopping for anything
Not even for this mighty force
We're not afraid of anything
An informer betrayed us
We were surrounded
And we could not escape
Torn-up bodies all around us
All of our brothers
Paid with their lives
Now we're only four
But we're fighting for all of you
Now we're only four

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