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Snoop Doggy Dog lyrics

Tune In To Doggy's Station lyrics

[Warren G]
Well it's the Dub-A double R-E-N
Power 106 in the mix again
It's the Dogghouse servin 48
So grab your Gin and bounce rock skates

[Snoop Dogg]
What's up with you Warren G ?
Everything on me, it's your homie Snoop Dogg from the DPG
Everything is everything in the LBC
Grass green in the douce lookin way too ???

[Warren G]
Well homie ain't No Limit to what you do
You got the Longbeach malician ride with you
So we gonna ??? on every block
So you better run and grab your glock
Cause I'm lookin for you and I'm lookin for you
And when I snatch your ass, your ass is trough

[Snoop Dogg]
I had my show for a minute
My hands all in it
Now everybody wanna know what's up with me and No Limit
Hellyeah I get paid with the homie Master P
And I never forget where I'm from; G-Dub

[Warren G]
Well I'm gonna get it
And I'm gonna spit it
Weither there is No Limit or G-Funk
All the homies is with it

[Snoop Dogg]
The sky is all grey and I'm drinkin Brew
We're 3 million deep and I'm the leader of the crew
Ask Kurupt he got game like Coopie(?)
I ain't nothing but a playa, that's what your mamma told me
When you're all alone and you're sitting at home
And you feel like hollaring at the Dogg on the phone
Never hesitate to call 411845059
Gangsta's ride ??? ??? drank
Hitting on the chronic as a ??? smash the sun
Feels good to be a westcoast representer
A long way from me on the TV dinner(?)
Got my own show like Jerry Springer
And it's quite off the hook, in fact it's off the ???
So L-O-C's and D-O-G's: 310 714 213, we out

[Chorus, Snoop Dogg]
When you're at home
And you're alone
Tune In To Doggy's Station
When you're at home
And you're alone
Tune In To Doggy's Station

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