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She Was My Girl lyrics

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Spider-Man Soundtrack lyrics

She Was My Girl lyrics
Copacetic, calm my frenetic, she's the s**t y'all
Highly-rated, well-educated, she's an angel
She's ambitious, beautiful, delicious, got a restaurant
I can take it, truth stripped me naked, yeah I f**ked up...yeah

She was my girl
Used to be my world
I miss my girl
What a fine girl

She put together, says she's doing better since she let go
Repeated dreamer, now and then I see her and we have lunch
Ever playful, hook the jumper cable, give me fresh spark
Sister ringing, old reminder stinging, bridges burned hoss...yeah

Chorus (times two)

She called me up, I guess she pretty stuck, she needed my help
It made me happy, hence the lyric sappy, I still love her...yeah

Chorus (times two)

Such a fine girl
I miss my girl
Used to be my world
She was my girl

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