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Love¡¯s Crashing Waves lyrics

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Squeeze lyrics

Love¡¯s Crashing Waves lyrics


Malicious gossip will never profit
When hearsay is its foundation
There are subscribers whose appetizers
Are pieces of conversation
Concocted rumours by out of tuners
Are the must in lovers¡¯ concerto
As long as we know at the piano
We¡¯re serving meat with our potato
Love¡¯s crashing waves upon the rocks
Is seen by some, by you it¡¯s not
But you won¡¯t drown, love is your town
When love is found for all to want

Unfounded scandal I cannot handle when it¡¯s been so diluted
With careful wording love can be burning
And the fire unconstituted
So my prescription is my addiction
When love is social surrounding
To show your colours to all those others
Who think that your love is drowning

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