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Stephanie Bentley lyrics

I'm Listening lyrics
(Matraca Berg/Ronnie Samoset)
You slip into my room
So I will not hear you
I don't know why you even bother
Your every step, your every move
Echoes with the silent truth
That you have been with another
Keep talking

I lie here quietly
And listen to you breathe
And I can tell you're not sleeping
You haven't said a word
But don't you know I've heard
All the secrets you've been keeping

Yes I'm listening
To every word your heart is saying
I'm listening
And every time I hear it breaking
Keep talking
You don't have to say a thing
I'm listeningAnd when the morning comes
You hide your eyes from the sun
'Cause you know what they'll be saying
When you try to hide the truth
You know they tell on you
And it's a long conversation

And I'm listening
To every tear that you've been crying
I'm listening
Oh, they say that you've been lying
Keep talking
You don't have to say a thing
I'm listening

Keep talking, babe, 'cause I'm listening
I'm listening, yeah
I'm listening, whoa

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