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Sundown lyrics

Divine lyrics
(Music & Lyrics: Lodmalm)
All shut up - Minds of fire
The machine`s collapsed and we can`t get higher
Though we tried all configurations
It just won`t kick the shakes and the desparation
Moments of ecstacy
- Calls out and speaks through me
How urget the surgery - Now who did you wanna be
We`ll keep cutting `til it all is gone
Sugardaddy got treats for everyone

We`re cosmic relics
Space keeps us cold
We`re cryogenic baby
Never getting oldAll phased out - Intermodular
Gone transgalactic and we don`t know where we are
You might feel strange the very first time
Closed and captured like limbless pantomime
Turn around to the ground
I wonder if there`s a cure
Turn around to the ground
Now why are you such a bore
Does it really matters who holds the knife
`Cause baby you`ve been slipping
anyway most of your life

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