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Egomania lyrics

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Voodoocult lyrics

Egomania lyrics

This is the song about YOU
OU ARE what you are. YOU ARE what YOU are.
YOU ARE rich by what YOU are. YOU - is it never enough?
How do YOU feel?
About poverty and misery life - is it never too rich?
And YOU, the mother of altruism come lend me your hand dream on your crazy storyboard.
I wish You all the best, forever..but leave me alone, for now
Or...hey-stop! Lick my wounds let's talk
and play the visionaire instead of a daily monopoly.
Let's share and help and run for others...
but very soon someone will let YOU down. I better stop the marathon of life
YOU let me down - YOU maniac!
Now I have enough, liar - I'm superior, I'm angry pitbull called kid
I write my own law, want oral sex all the time.
You, egomania, I feel YOU...YOU're coming, YOU come - I feel YOU hard!
YOU bastard.

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