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Withered Garden lyrics

Exhausted Eden lyrics
(T, Lord I)
Heavenly father, Lord of Light
Lying on his sickbed
Watching his withered garden
listening the screams of his children
Pleasures of heaven, all undone
Alone in chaos god will cry
He knows his time has come
To die

Behold !
Exhausted Eden shall fall

Son of god, known as the Saviour
His wounds are bleeding again
His holy task nothing but a failure
Crucified, he's going insane
Calling his holy father's name
Crying in pain, he still can't see
My god, my god
Why have thou forsaken meBehold !
Exhausted Eden shall fall

Dove of holy ghost
His wings don't carry anymore
Cold winds of eternal frost
Lead lambs to death's door
Indulgence instead of abstinence
Flaming end of paradise
Freedom from the decadence
Denial of bastard Christ

Angel of light
Drinks blood of Jesus Christ
Drunk and falling down

Behold !
Exhausted Eden shall fall !!!!!

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