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X-clan lyrics

Verbal Milk lyrics
Yeuch! Brother J says yeuuch! Hmmhmmhmmhmm..

[Professor X]
Ahhhh! Straight from the temple of everlasting
ME! P.X.O., and the X-Clan (aww yeah)
Chillin, cleaning the pinkie
Hey Brother J, time for a ride
Put the key, to the ignition, and then..

[Brother J]
Ah yes yes blue, ah come on to go
We're immortals to the portals til the book folds
I'm goin Blackwards to the East, tweedle-dee, tweedle-dum
Fee fi fum to the tribal drum drum
I'm sittin on my temple, just pluckin silly mortals
Speakin peace of mind to my many sons and daughters
Gettin loose, loose, as I release the juice
I'm more into the (?) cause a simple Mother Goose
could never hang with the words, that ever caused the clamor
I'm singin "Raise the Flag" cause I hate the Spangled Banner
Because you can't get with me, you label me enemy
Your comments on the mortal side are labelled as blasphemy
More than I am, puts the taste in the dam
Puts the X in the Clan that puts the brother on land
It's like that y'all, ya don't stop
Because the sight of the Watch is sure to shock
From the beginning
From the beginning is it winning, is it ever?
Unearthly, resistance, forever
You think your thief based system is clever?
It's a simplistic, endeavor
I checkmate, terminate, never late, contemplate
Mindstate is never fake, hesitate you lose
No shoes ever do I kick around in boots
I simply drop the science that just speaks about the (?)
in our nature's, flavor, lacking from the coon
Now our dream for the younger, when will the rover take reign?
Is it a joke or something you can't cope with
Devils keep avoiding, people keep on hopin
for the move and groove, put your dead body in a soothin mood
Don't need no air, no sex, and no food
The tool, is mine, to use - Blackward row

[Professor X]
Ahhhh.. riding the crossroad!
Brother J on the wheel
Sugar Shaft in the back with Queen Nefretiti
Yo J, push it to the full nine
and let's move.. zoom!

[Brother J]
Day two-dark-zero-zero and it circles degree
Brother one makes up a system bring oppressors to knees
I speak a language universal, check on how I use it
Dwellers of this planet, labelled it as music
I come and I go from where the land where the milk flows
Earthbound to mortals what they lack the Brother will know
I'm buildin temples made of MANY dimensions
Illogic and cosmic, are not an extension
Now many many gather and they say, "Bro J;
tell me the direction of the crossroad way"
Up on the down stroke, valley in the middle
On through the thorns as if you could ever figure
Nothin is balance unless balance is irregular
Misplaced, heed chaos to bass
Some talk to doo-doo, and miss the voodoo
I'm like the guru, your baby's doin judo
Why don't you just sit, and contemplate on this
This is much more than your white boy diss
or your fat gold chain, the wash on your brain
The fleas in your system, what then remains
but a science that's deeper than deep, nine the odd
Harder than hard so now the journey to Gods begins
From the blood to the greenest of earth
Elemental is my nature and the strength in my verse
And zeroes who remain in two truth is key
to release us from the shackles Armageddeon will be
It's like that y'all, ya don't stop
Ah Sugar Shaft in the house ya don't stop
Ah Brother J funkin lesson ya don't stop
Ah Paradise architect ya don't stop
Professor X overseer ya don't stop
X-Clan in the house, you don't stop
Blackwatch for the justice you don't quit..

[Professor X]
Ahhhhhh... listen
With a diamond in the back, a sunroof top
A ride called pinkie, and a black boot to the pedal
Pushin us to the full nine
We step to you in blackness, with a gangsta lean
This is protected, by the red, the black, and the green
with a KEY, in the ignition, SISSYYYYYYY!

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