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Enochian Crescent lyrics
Crescentian lyrics

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Enochian Crescent lyrics

Crescentian lyrics
Through The Sumer fields I ride
My Beacon of Silver Light
A fertile Crescent
The Bearer of Plague
Under iron rule (of)
Patriarchs of christ
I refuse their poison
Crucifix Will Fall
For Centuries they┬┤ll Crawl
Parched with the search for wisdom
Drowned in their holy lies
The Dusk of theology
Never dawns to man
Bread of the cult of the dead
Wine of the cult of the dead
In the court prepared
Tear down the sun from heavens
Set Ablaze Our Mercury Hearts
A Satanic Millenium
The Era of...
Rend their robes Asunder
Bombard the temples
Leave Not stone upon stone
Like A Scythe We Will Reap!!!
And rejoice Crescentian Night

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