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Enochian Crescent lyrics

Under Autumn Trees lyrics
Under Autumn trees
Black is my heart and Dark shall it be
I Forsake the evergreen
Gray Wisdom Churns the Coppered leaves
I am Blessed with Truth
Ascending life
And Surreal
Sadness Divine
Under Autumn trees
I embrace the bliss and kiss the soil
The Embittered ground
A Sentinel of All Darkest Lores
And Solitude
My Tranquil Throne Yet Sinister
...And I whisper like The Autumn leaves
Absorb the balance and yearn for Knowledge
Impale the obscene of blind compassion
A humble prayer (is) a fatigue lie
Push the falling, it´s A New Millenium
And you´ll pass on
Under Autumn trees
Golden Flame Burns for Eternity
Descending to Darkness
Ether Temptation of a saviour
Under Azure skies
I Die to recall The Pain
I've passed into The Afterworld...

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