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Glory Opera lyrics

House Of Flutes lyrics
Innocence, a sensless death
Dying angel on my nest
The purest blood touches my mouth
Rest the peace I´ll break apart tonight

In that trail left behind
I´ll hunt all trought the night
They will feel what burns inside
A man who´s filled with hate in heart

But I can´t, I´m just alone
This war is my last one
I must find the home they said
To hear the song of braves

There´s no honor or compassion
In a battle for revenge
There´s so many in my way
Moanga will lead me again

A hundred days of war
Now I have won, it´s done
Iara is calling me
To meet her in the sunset

When all the faith on me
Seems to fall on ground
I stand tall now I´ve found
The House of Flutes

The love is lost between
Victory and pain
I whisper the last song
In House of Flutes

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