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Glory Opera lyrics

One Step Behind lyrics
(Part I - The Awakening)

Watching remains from dust,
Expecting to unhide all the signs from this thougths.
I just can’t keep clear my mind,
Waiting (for) my breathe inside.

Why am I escaping, if I do not wish to wake (up)?
There’s no way to pull me out,
I don’t belong to this hell!

Faceless, my dignity,
In my world of mirrors, lie is the truth.
Destiny cannot stare me,
I shouldn’t be a piece of you.

Fearless, your hands on me,
Taking away this life from me.
All the past hasn’t existed,
My dreams are gone.
this isn’t what I wanted it to be...

Repeat Chorus

Every moment in this place,
I just look back, and live to wait.
Hearing no words, lips are sealed,
Rime of secrets unrevealed.

Solos: Jean / Stanley

(Parte I - Final Revelation)

I’ve lost this life, now it’s done,
But I still feel that thread keeping me.
How can I ease this pain, spinning in my head?

Answers coming and going all the time,
I don’t have enought to waste, it’s right,
And I feel so empty as I bleed.
Flashes of my days tearing my eyes,
Holding down my hands, now I can’t fight,
And I pray the Lord to finish this.

I just can’t go on, there’s no strenght,
I’ll learn the last dance tonight.
And once I’m ready, I can’t go back,
I am just one step behind.

No matter where I am, or I’m supposed to be,
No questions to be answered, I am free.

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