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8stops7 lyrics
Regression lyrics

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8stops7 lyrics

Regression lyrics

What if I tried, would you then
consider my time as well spent
Would you put me on trial, consider who's fit
to brand me insane, so I won't ever have to deal with it

What have I done, your only son
They spit on my name, and now I have a gun
Running 'round in circles, kids come out to play
But I can't remember what it was that made me
feel this...hate
All my pictures on display here

What's that you said, you were my friend
I can't recall, say it again
This isn't a game, but I will pretend
Look at me now, cuz I win

I would be faking, I didn't know
These idle hands don't know their worth
I've covered them in blood, but this
still fucking hurts


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