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Equinox Ov The Gods lyrics
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Equinox Ov The Gods lyrics

N.L.S lyrics
Tell me your name, my child
Tell me your name...
Let me hear you say it
Look into my eyes
I will keep it with me
Until the day i die
Hold me tight, my flower
Hold me through the night
Hold me tight, my treasure
Let us sleep togheter
Let me dream with you
Hold me
And when the morning comes
You will be there by my side
When the night is over
You must try to keep our love alive
Now the night is over
Our love must be kept alive
Feed me with your blood
I will feed you with mine
Give me strenght...
And let us return to paradise togheter
I see you smile
The moon will shine on us tonight
I see you smile
Paradise will be forever tonight

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