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Equinox Ov The Gods lyrics
Welcome Home... lyrics

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Equinox Ov The Gods lyrics

Welcome Home... lyrics
There comes a night
When you will hear her cry
The Banshees song
Then you will know is time
Time to go
To where you have been before
Then you will come
Welcome home...
You know me, Oh yes you know me
Every night i have been there with you
Time changes, but the dreams remain
In the dreams i come to you
...but there comes a time
Yes, there comes a time...
I am waiting. Oh yes. I am waiting
In another world another reality
Sing your song. Oh banshee sing
Summerland wails, and there i will be
There comes a time when you will hear her song
There comes a time, Welcome home
Summerland wails and there i will be
The dream remains and it will never end

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