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Kool Moe Dee lyrics

Dumb Dick (Richard) lyrics
(Du-dumb) (Dumb)
(D-d-du-du-dumb) (Dumb)
(Du-dumb) (Dumb)
(D-d-d-dumb) (Dumb)
[ VERSE 1 ]
Well, listen up, homeboys, I got somethin to say
About a homeboy from back in the day
His name was Richard, some called him Rick
But if you knew him like me, you'd call him Dick
When we were growin up, we stuck with each other
Like white on rice, he was kinda like a brother
We had a lotta fun when we were kids
We always overlooked the dumb things he did
But the fun was over when we got to high school
Cause it was time for gettin girlies, so we had to be cool
We had a lotta girlies, and our friends were impressed
One thing went wrong, Rick got obsessed
We wouldn't go to class, always think about ass
Not if he was gonna pass, if he would just last
Girls was all he was thinkin about
If the school was all boys, he'da been dropped out
When he did drop out, he felt no shame
And if you ask me, he had the right name
Cause he hated to go, but he loved to come
That's why I call him Dick, cause Dick is Dumb
(D-d-d-du-dumb) (Dumb)
(Dumb Dick)
[ VERSE 2 ]
He wouldn't go to school, but he had to survive
So he went out and got him a 9 to 5
Although he was lazy, he had to work
Cause he had a lot of girls, he needed money, the jerk
As fast as he made it, his money was spent
When it came to girls, he didn't care where he went
He'd hound em like a dog, so we used to say ";fetch!";
And it was no tellin what he would catch
He was in the doctor's office almost every week
He became so popular, everybody'd speak
When he walked in they'd say (Hi Rick)
And when he passed by, they'd say (Dumb Dick)
Really hard-headed, cause he said he had juice
But it was cause of his hard head, that he was so loose
He was in love with another girl every day
And when we asked him why, he'd only say
(I'm the kinda guy who likes to have fun
I need a lotta girls, can't have just one)
I can understand that, but this is kind of insane
Sometimes I wonder if his brain
Was his...
(D-d-d-du-du-dumb) (Dumb)
(Dumb Dick) (2x)
[ VERSE 3 ]
He lost his girl when he lost his job
So to keep himself from livin like a no-good slob
He hustled on the streets, cause he had no choice
And every day you'd hear his voice
Sayin ";Jumbos! I got it good";
But he never made the money that a hustler could
Cause when he was standin out on the corner
If a girl walked by, he was right up on her
He was so hot, his heat couldn't be measured
To him his business was his pleasure
A one-track mind, and as a matter of fact
He changed his name to Daddy Mack
The people on the streets he was workin for
Cut him off, now he's just plain old poor
And all his girls left, because they never cared
The were leeches for a dollar, and they got their share
Homeboy disappeared like a magic trick
And everybody wanna know what happened to Dick
Well, he's still around, but now he's a bum
Chasin bag ladies, he's the same old Dumb

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