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Kool Moe Dee lyrics

Funke Wisdom lyrics
Funke, funke, funke
Funke, funke, funke...
Funke funke wisdom
[ VERSE 1 ]
Money - the root of all evil
Follow the dollar, and where will it lead to?
Pseudo science, material math
6 degrees of knowledge, brother, you don't know the half
Symbolizin symbolism, excercisin exorcism
Make a little money, now you wanna tell me how you're livin
Suckers sellin what you're sellin, now you're sellin out
The devil sold a dream and you bought it without thinkin 'bout
How the beast will decrease the brain wave
With material thoughts from the crib to the grave
Slaves, got you livin just to die
For the money, lookin sweet, slick and sly
Long as you're ridin and your system's fly
You don't give a damn if your homeboys die
So we gotta find a way to get paid in this system
With or without money - with funke funke wisdom
Funke, funke, funke
Funke, funke, funke...
[ VERSE 2 ]
Women - very significant
Power is what she represents
Contrary to what many brothers believe
Learn the metaphysical meaning of Eve
When you get funke wisdom, then you'll understand
The woman is the driving force for any powerful man
>From birth to earth and earth to re-birth
It ain't a curse, put your thought in reverse
Disperse rehearse your medium, verse first
And understand it ain't a purse that can quench your thirst
For love connections and spiritual conceptions
Not a act of x-rated sex, any
Man without a woman is incomplete
And vice versa she's obsolete
So I make sure within a part of my system
I got funke funke wisdom
Funke, funke, funke
Funke, funke, funke...
[ VERSE 3 ]
Mathematically it all adds up
All people are equal, but equal in what?
Once you understand that there's a spiritual math
Add soul to the science and subtract the riff-raff
Cause 9 to 5 ain't live
We're in overdrive
Take the 1st power, elevate to the 3rd
Manifest the power of the spoken word
360 degrees are subliminal
Fortified with a 144 minerals
4 elements and 4 seasons
4 corners of the world, it's all even
Mother nature and father time
Aligned with the 9 planets and combined
To influence the mind and control the whole system
Knowledge ain't enough, you need funke funke wisdom
Funke, funke, funke
Funke, funke, funke...
Funke funke wisdom

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