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Kool Moe Dee lyrics

Pump Your Fist lyrics
Can you feel it
Tension in the air
Violence everywhere
Davis, Howard Beach
Bumpers and Brawley
It appalls me
Now it's there
Really racial justice
It's time that we discussed this
I'm disgusted
I don't trust it
What's this
New evidence brings doubt
On who took King out
Must have had clout
Took the Kennedy route
Stories contradict and
Confliction make Black men
Say it had to end
It won't happen again
Pump your fist (3x)
Can you hear me
Hittin' home
Is the danger zone
Liars and bigots
And hypocrites start to panic
They get frantic
Generated by the truth
Time to educate the youth
The lust for money
Is out of control
Here's proof
Always a tragic ending
And at the risk of spending
Time in jail
Caught on a bum sale
They persist
Knowin' death's a risk
Ignorance is bliss
Chump their face
Kill their race
They deserved to get dissed
Pump your fist (3x)
We feel the wrath
From what happened in the past
Has made us walk a path
Made by slavery
Though bravery
We lost
Our unity our source
Of power and we lost
All race pride
In our Holocaust
Now it's my creed
I'm from a stronger breed
My ancestors indeed had to bleed
Whipped 'till they were freed
And now
I look back and say wow
How did we allow
Physical slavery
I just don't ever again
See it now I vow
Pump your fist (3x)
But are we free
In actuality
Let's talk reality
Can't you see
The slave mentality
It's a sickness
That eats you up like cancer
And money's not the answer
Won't advance ya
Don't take a chance ya
Selling drugs for fame
That's the weak man's game
It's a shame
You got the chains on your brain
You're givin'
Drugs to kids and livin'
Half your life in prison
God's for givin'
But you got to work with him
Pump your fist (3x)
Distortion confusion
Equality illusion
Justice collusion
No racism delusion
History erased it
Lives wasted
Victory tasted
Drugs face it
Knowledge wisdom
Educational system
Blurred vision
Lies dis 'em
Voice loud
Black proud
Truth vowed
No sellouts allowed

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